Insomnia + Contagious addiction


What do you do in between such festivities as Christmas and New Year celebration?


After you have got tired of consuming gingerbread cookies and having wine you take a bag of fluffy stuff, a long and extra sharp needle and… yes, start punching.

+ =

After seeing Zane doing her magic I felt so tempted to try.

Now I can understand her inability to put down the needle until 4 am and her stories about the next day  in the office when the only thought after such a night is not about a soft welcoming pillow but about the next felted creature which will come into this world after hours of patient and tiresome punching.  (We even thought about possible necessity of establishing a Felters Anonymous.) :)

It’s an interesting and creative way of stress relief after a busy day in the office. And what’s even better, in few hours time you can get something tangible for yourself (a little charm or a brooch) or a unique gift for your friend.

In the end of the process I got a little reindeer and I can tell you – those punches in my fingers were definitely worth it.

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3 Responses to “Insomnia + Contagious addiction”

  1. zancy Says:

    great post! :) reindeer sending greets from Riga! and oh yes – it is exactly as Liga writes – when you’re so used to work in the office (and use your fingers more for typing than creating something), it’s a relief to have the ability to create tangible things and bringing so much joy to others.

  2. Lāči un citi zvēruļi iekaro pasauli? at subjektīvs Says:

    [...] – melnbalts ziemeļbriedis, kas dzīvo uz datora ekrāna maliņas. Vairāk par Līgas iespaidiem – viņas bloga ierakstā. Bet mazs ieskats arī šeit: “Insomnia + Contagious addiction By [...]

  3. zancy Says: new blog post on your cow! ;) enjoy!

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